Buying And Selling All Across The Permian


The Permian. Over 200 miles wide, and over 300 miles high (geographically), this is over 60K square miles of feverish industry. Primarily, drilling for gas and oil.

Permian Trader is here to help facilitate this industry.

We are here to help you:

  • Find equipment.
  • Find lodging.
  • Find employees.
  • Find jobs.
  • Showcase your services.
  • Find technicians.
  • Find natural resources such as water, sand, soil, etc.
  • Find food delivery/caterers in the field.

If you are working IN the Permian, or if you supply TO the Permian, join in and be a part.

If you need to find it, sell it, buy it, fix it, build it. is a connection nexus point.

The amount of resources needed is mind boggling, and sometimes finding them can be difficult. If you are providing resources, services, labor, equipment – getting noticed can also be difficult. is another tool in your arsenal to connect those in need, what those that can supply that need.

Start with posting your job, your services, equipment, tools, facilities, etc. in the Classifieds. It’s free. One ad, or a thousand. is a project by me, John Chapman.

I am always looking for interesting projects, and as I became more informed about the Permian, this idea came to me.

After evaluation, I fired it up.

I run a website and media company, DR7Media, so spinning this site up wasn’t difficult.

Now, the process of researching and learning about the problems and issues faced by those of you in the field, and serving those in the field begins. As the data continues to accumulate, ideas and solutions will present themselves.

Additionally, information from each and every one of you is paramount.

If you’ve said something similar to yourself, “Dang it, why can’t …. “, or perhaps to others, let me know. Tell me just WHAT it is that you think could be easily solved. Mostly, for a perspective of what I do, but we can fire up a sounding board for others to weigh in (for example).


I’m building a roadmap, of functionality that will be added to this site.

As you come up with ideas, I’ll incorporate those ideas, as deemed prudent, feasible, and appropriate.

Thank you for visiting – I absolutely look forward to hearing from you!

John Chapman